Vinhomes Gardenia Apartment for Rent - 79m2 | 2Br | 2Ba Cool Views

Type of Apartments: VI55Prices: 850$ / month

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Contact Agent: Mr. Liem0979776776Send a Showing Request
  • Floor Area: 79
  • Using Area: 79
  • Number of floors: Middle
  • Architecture: Modern
  • Beds: 2
  • Baths: 2
  • Balcony: South
  • View: City Views
  • Pool: Indoor/outdoor Pool
  • Gym: Fully
  • Furniture: Fully
The rental apartment is located at A1 building in Vinhomes Gardenia on Ham Nghi street. This location is convenient to reach to restaurants, services place ....
Vinhomes Gardenia Leasing offers to residents many facilities and utilities such as indoor and outdoor swimming pool, children playing ground, vinschool ...
The rental apartment has: 
- Floor area: 79m2
- Bedrooms: 2
- Bathroom: 2
- Rooms are furnished with modern interior decoration.
Rental price: $850/month


Hotline:0987 745 745