Vinhomes Gardenia Villa is a impressive highlight of modern architecture amidst a lush green gardens, exquisite and luxury living space with advanced utilities that can satisfy the most demanding customers.

Vinhomes Gardenia Villa for sales is located in The Botanica under Vinhomes Gardenia urban which provides 38 luxurious villas which can be a perfect home for every families.
With construction of 3.5 storeys under wide range of areas from 277.6m2 to 381.6m2, each villa in Vinhomes Gardenia is modernly designed with open spaces and glass window systems to ensure natural light and air convection. Houseowner can not only enjoy a airy living space but fresh and tranquil environment thanks to surrounded rows of ancient trees and bonsai gardens.
All units are equipped with high quality imported interior which create a modern and high-end lifestyle for residents right in the capital.

Each villa is designed in a scientific way for ventilation, linking between the functional rooms. All rooms have balconies and windows for airy space and air circulation to ensure residents' health.
Villas in The Botanica for sales are equipped with modern furniture imported from Europe, lush garden, modern garage with superior security system making a comfortable and safe living space for residents.

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