Villas for sale in Vinhomes Gardernia

Villas for sale in Vinhomes Gardernia is one of the most attractive products in Hanoi's real estate market in 2015. With luxurious architecture, harmonious combination with natural landscape along with a variety of modern amenities, the villa zone promises to provide a resort-like living space for residents right in the heart of the capital.

Vinhomes Gardenia Urban posseses a prime location at the Southwest of Hanoi - vibrant economic center with many important projects accompanied by completed infrastructure from transportation, hospitals, schools, commercial centers .... This is one of advantages of this urban in general and of Botanica Villa in particular.
Located at the center of the project, the villa has flexible connection to easily move to inside and outside urban areas as well as inner and outer cities.

With romantic neoclassical architectural style, Botanica Villa brings 38 opulent villas, varied areas from 381.6m2 to 277.6m2, with 3.5 storeys.
Each villa is designed with graceful chamfered roof, wide windows in which each corner are carefully studied to ensure aesthetics, flooded with natural light and air circulation. Spacious lush gardens and interspersed mini landscapes bringing fresh and breathable space for outdoor parties of the owners.

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