Standard utilities for resident when living in vinhomes gardenia

(Update: 1/15/2018 2:45:00 PM)

Inspired by pure jasmine, "Ban Mai - Vinhomes Gardenia" is designed based on the principle of green - fresh and balanced with the "garden concept" unique by two world famous design brands. CPG (Singapore) and West Green Design (Canada) consultants. The iconic jasmine color is exquisitely crafted in landscaping and exterior detailing to create the characteristic of Vinhomes Gardenia. "




Green utilities with 10 unique gardens.

In the beautiful city of Vinhomes Gardenia, residents live in the fresh air and experience the everyday fun with 10 unique gardens and a variety of green utilities such as: Contemporary garden, Japanese garden, pet park, BBQ garden, chess garden, green island, hut scene and resting place.

Education - kindergarten and elementary school Vinschool.

Selected, combining the ingenuity of local and international education, the Vinschool Preschool and Vinschool Elementary School in Vinhomes Gardenia will provide a modern education model. The program is designed to meet the needs of the local people but also equips them with the qualities and qualities needed to integrate successfully in the globalization trend.

Medical Clinic - Vinmec International Clinic.

Vinmec International Polyclinic Clinic (Vinmec International Hospital) uses modern equipment, facilities and services in accordance with international hospital standard. In particular, the team of doctors - doctors in Vinmec is the leading specialist, professional level, always wholeheartedly for the benefit of patients. With the advantage of expertise and high technology, Vinmec always treats patients with high quality health care and prestige in Vietnam with international standard.

VinMart consumer market.

VinMart supermarket has a large scale with tens of thousands of items belonging to different groups of industries such as food, cosmetics, household appliances, household appliances, fashion ... to meet all living needs. day of Vinhomes Gardenia residents. In particular, residents of Vinhomes Gardenia can be completely assured with clean and safe food from brands such as VinEco.

Entertainment and health care.

Beside the green space, the residents also have an absolute interest in water, clean food and security, all needs of entertainment and health care Vinhomes Gardenia residents are met maximum With 12 amenities such as: indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Jacuzzi, Jacuzzi, gymnasium with various sports, children's playground, outdoor exercise area, yoga floor ...

22 standard services of 5 star Vinhomes.

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